Sloth Be Free

Our "Sloth Be Free" program has released over 200 sloths back into the wild

Wild Animal Park located just a few minutes west of the airport

Over 20 years of rehabilitating and releasing, hundreds of hawks and owls have been rehabilitated and released.

20 years and over 20,000 animals released back into the wild

More than 50 formerly captive Spider Monkeys have been reintroduced to the Nicoya Peninsula in North-West Costa Rica

Hi! I'm a baby anteater!

At Rescate Animal zooave ("RAZA") we are firm in believing that wild life needs to be free in their natural habitat. It drives everything we do. The Wild Animal Park holds the 2% of the animals RAZA receives but sadly cannot be released back to the wild. Our guests are therefore presented with a stunning array of Costa Rican flora and fauna that highlights the unique bio richness of Costa Rica.

Fun & Adventure

Come and experience a unique view from up in the canopy. Safe and fun for all ages.

Sloth Be Free

Our Sloth Be Free project has rehabilitated and released more sloths than any other project in Latin America. Over 200 Two-toed and Three-toed Sloths over the last 20 years have been released into the wild. This great work is made possible by the money garnered at our Wild Animal Park. Please come by and visit us to see, learn and support the rehabilitation and release of these incredible animals.


All entrance fees to the Wild Animal Park are used to support our various projects.


"About 10km west of Alajuela, you’ll find this well-designed animal park sheltering more than 115 species of birds on colourful, squawking display in a relaxing 14-hectare setting. The zoo houses all four species of Costa Rican monkey, wild cats, reptiles and other native critters, many of which are rescues. Though technically a zoo, it is also an important animal breeding center that aims to reintroduce native species into the wild; admission fees fund wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, release and conservation programs."
-- Lonely Planet
"This is a wonderful little park. Not only does the entrance fee help in rehabilitation of animals, it is also a learning center for children from all over the world. It's a great place to see the beautiful wildlife of Costa Rica. Zoo Ave. is also one of the cleanest and well kept natural parks in Costa Rica. You can spend a lot of time and money wondering all over Costa Rica looking for wildlife, and never see many. At Zoo Avenue, you can visit with almost all species of birds and monkeys found in Costa Rica. Most tourist traps cost you a lot money and you usually come away disappointed. This animal park will not disappoint you. It is a good bang for the buck, plus you are helping the wildlife of Costa Rica."
-- Trip Advisor

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