Some have fun with what we protect.

Circulate in social networks a video of the moments of agony of the crocodile captured in the “Lagarteada”.

As a foundation we consider completely repudiable to get dirty our beautiful traditions and customs with activities based on the pain and anguish of vulnerable beings and protected by law.

We remember that the fauna of our country, is declared public domain, While the conservation of Costa Rican flora and forests of public interest. If so, according to Costa Rican Law, Why is the celebration of Ortega in Guanacaste against this declaration? And the wildlife law?

Without a doubt these facts, not benefit in the least the beautiful culture of the guanacasteco and therefore the Costa Rican, who has great natural wealth of world recognition, even so it is contradictory to give this kind of retrograde celebrations that humiliate our being.

Unfortunately these activities leave nothing but shame, pain and without a doubt, a clear sign of lack of education for wildlife protection.

We deeply regret that in our days of recognition for the rights of animals as sentient beings and the constant struggle for the conservation of the environment, A small group of people defend these “celebrations” based on harassment, stress and pain of an animal, As part of a culture that does not characterize us all.

Animal Rescue ZooAve works every day with wild animals victims of mistreatment, Animals that despite being protected suffer each day from the ignorance and selfishness of the human being. It is not acceptable that we work to conserve the national fauna, while others “legally backed” they have fun killing for what we give so much.

We ask the authorities to stop these acts, enforce the protection of wild animals, meanwhile we ask the population not to be partakers of everything that harms Mother Nature and our valuable identity.

Animal Rescue ZooAve