Foundation launches program “Godparents for wildlife”

August, 2017
Rescate Animal Zoo Ave today launches its program “Godparents of the Zoo” with which public companies, private and individuals can support the care and feeding of a particular species.

The first company in the program is the Banco de Costa Rica, with its brand of correspondents Financial Tucán, that monthly will deposit a sum that will be destined to the care, medicines and food of Grecia, the mutilated toucan which now uses a prosthesis at its peak, as well as for the 19 other toucans that remain in the Zooave, and the release program of this species.

“In addition to giving our contribution, we want people who are interested in the care of these beautiful birds to support with their donations to Grecia and all the toucans of this refuge, that's why we have enabled more than 2 thousand Tucán points from all over the country to receive donations from one thousand colones. To encourage even more these donations we will raffle among those who make their donation since a Tucán point 4 Family packages to come and visit this beautiful place” Said Rafael Quirós, Manager of the Tucán brand.

The launch of the sponsor program is done at the same time as it commemorates a year of Grecia left its recovery process after being the first bird in Latin America to receive a peak prosthesis. The complexity of the intervention and the novelty as the first in the region achieved international media coverage.

“We are very proud that Grecia Has recovered and lives a fairly normal life because it has become the symbol of the fight against abuse of wild animals. That is why we thank the brand Tucán of the BCR for putting the first grain of sand to this initiative of support and we urge more companies and people to join the program of godparents” said Marian Ortega, Communications Manager of Zooave.

After the operation of Grecia the bird remained more than a year in recovery, until finally on August 10, 2016 was installed in the area of visitation of Zooave So that many children and adults can know it and see that the human being is capable of generating much pain but also giving treatments and cures to wild animals.

“Grecia already flirts, is territorial and eats well with his prosthesis, but it has been a very hard and expensive process. In addition, the care that is still required are special, such as peak maintenance, for example, that is why this anniversary is so significant. It is an achievement of Grecia, of Zooave and many people including the media who supported the entire process of this toucan, and that they can continue donating to help other birds that like Grecia enter every day to these facilities” Explains Magali Quesada administrator of the Foundation.

The sponsor program is open to support specific species, the projects and centers of liberation. Those interested in becoming godparents can contact the phones +506 2433 8989 / +506 8950 6161 and email

Tucán Is the brand of financial correspondents of the Banco de Costa Rica where you can carry out procedures of deposits and loan payments, cards, food allowances, as well as withdrawals of cash, opening of accounts and donations for Grecia and the toucans of Zooave. We have more than 2 thousand neighborhood banks in all provinces reaching places as far away as Isla Chira, Tortuguero or Grano de Oro in Turrialba, banking people and businesses from all over the country.