Rescate Animal Zooave Wildlife Conservation Park

Rescate Animal Zooave Park is located in La Garita de Alajuela, just 40 minutes from San José and 15 minutes from Juan Santa María International Airport.

Within our park you will find beautiful botanical gardens and more than 125 species of animals, among them birds, mammals and reptiles that have been rescued and, due to health or behavioral reasons, cannot be fully rehabilitated for reintroduction into their natural habitat. The large enclosures are naturally designed to offer these animals quality of life and enrichment.

Our walking trails are fully accessible and we have rental wagons for children as well as complementary wheelchair loan. We also have ample parking space.

Within our park you will also find a souvenir shop, restaurant Café David, an ice cream and coffee shop, as well as a canopy tour.

Rescate Animal Zooave Park provides an important role in environmental education, as each visitor has the opportunity to see and learn about many local wildlife species and their importance in the ecosystem. This experience helps motivate each person who visits us to want to protect the animals they learn about here as well as other wildlife.

The 36 acres of land where the park is located provides a natural territory and undisturbed habitat for local flora and fauna, and is thus of great importance in the Greater Metropolitan Area of San José.

Rescate Animal Zooave is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), a nonprofit organization whose objective is to strengthen and support the work of animal sanctuaries in the United States and abroad, ensuring that the animal sanctuaries are supported, exalted, recognized and awarded for meeting important criteria in the care of resident animals.

With this accreditation, visitors can be sure that Rescate Animal Zooave meets the comprehensive and rigorous standards of a true rescue center, providing care and responsible attention to all the animals we receive. In complying with GFAS standards, our Rescue Center’s administration, standards of operation, veterinary procedures and animal welfare are all subject to cross-checking and evaluation by the GFAS. This accreditation also provides a clear and reliable means for the public, Government and private entities to recognize Rescate Animal Zooave as an ethical and sustainable organization that deserves national and global recognition and support.

All of our rescue, rehab and conservation programs are made possible thanks to the people who come to visit us at Rescate Animal Zooave Wildlife Conservation Park.

Café David

At Café David you can enjoy a delicious a la carte menu and a varied themed buffet. We offer national, typical and international dishes.

We have a large restaurant surrounded by green areas and beautiful rustic architecture. Ideal to spend as a family or well, carry out your social or business activities.

Make with us birthdays, Weddings, corporate meetings. We will offer you the ideal menu for that special occasion and under your budget.

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